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Is it safe to travel to Iran in 2020?

Is it safe to travel to Iran in 2020?

Iran is among the countries that have remained unknown and misunderstood and media and political news have affected the tourism industry in this wonderful and ancient land for decades especially after the revolution in 1979 and the Iran-Iraq War in the 1980s. As a traveler, you have made your friends and family feel shocked and concerned about your safety after you told them: “I’m going to travel to Iran!” You may have many question marks about the culture and safety in Iran as well. We are here to help you decide about traveling to Iran. :)

December 12, 2019

Iran IS a safe destination

Thanks to travel bloggers and writers, and the thousands of photos or videos posted on social media daily, the mysterious country of Iran is coming out of the pile of political news and sanctions day after day and travelers are finding out the truth about Iran’s safety and the astonishing hospitality of its people. It is good to know that according to travelers who have visited Iran during the past decade and what they’ve written and posted on travel forums, magazines, and social media, Iran is one of the safest travel destinations in the whole world, they believe that it is safer than European destinations. Many of the travelers also believe that they have experienced more robbery and theft in top destinations of the tourism world.

Known as a neutral and authorized document, the travel map risk 2020 introduces Iran as a safe destination.


                   Travel map Risk

Travel risk Map

Locals of Iran

Iranian people are known to be super hospitable and warmhearted, especially when it comes to people and visitors from other countries. In Iran, you won’t be welcomed by anything but smiles and kind words. They are keen to help travelers and introduce their country in the opposite way media and news did.


                Locals of Iran

Locals of Iran

Female travelers

Although many solo female travelers hesitate to visit this country, the ones who have explored Iran independently have got surprised how respectful and helpful locals are and they have felt very safe and welcomed even the ones who traveled off the beaten track and explored small cities and villages. Today the number of solo female travelers visiting Iran is increasing and the harassment record against them has been very rare so far.


             Female travelers in Iran

Female travelers in Iran

The Iranian government

The Iranian government as well is developing the tourism industry in Iran and is keen to help travelers have a wonderful time in this country and provide them safe and good travel services. The government has a special eye on the borders of Iran and no terrorist attacks happen in the country. Iran police are very helpful and respectful to foreign travelers and there are offices of “Police of Foreign Affairs” in many cities, like Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Yazd, Mashhad, which travelers can refer to and solve their problems easily.


               Travelers visiting Iran

Travelers visiting Iran

Safety tips to consider while traveling in Iran:

  • You should be noted that Iran is an Islamic country with Islamic laws, so you should be aware of some laws like not drinking alcohol, and considering your outfit in Iran. (link)
  • Because of the country’s sensitive political status, we suggest you not to ask locals about Iran’s positions or give any special idea about the political news.
  • In crowded Bazaars and attractions, be cautious about your bag and camera as you do in other travel destinations and if you are with a guide or a group of travelers be careful not to get separated from the group because sometimes it may get difficult to find them back in the crowd.
  • If you are interested in having a night walk, ask your guide or fellow travelers to accompany you and stick with more crowded streets and neighborhoods.
  • As a result of some conflicts, the Iran-Afghanistan and the Iran-Iraq borders are not safe enough to travel so we suggest that you don’t travel in these areas.


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