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Is Iran Safe To Travel To in 2021?

Is Iran Safe To Travel To in 2021?

Before visiting Iran, one of the most important things that comes to mind is that Is Iran Safe? Here is a new update on safety in Iran in 2021 and the Covid-19 situation, besides some safety tips you should consider for having a great time in Iran.

February 9, 2021

Because of its strategic location and geography potentials, Iran has been a very important region in the Middle East and Asia since ancient times until today. For decades and especially in recent years, this country has drawn more attention to itself as a result of political relations and conflicts. Apart from the world of news and politics, Iran is now getting discovered as an unknown gem in the world of tourism as a destination for travelers and adventurers seeking ancient heritages, unidentified cultures, and scenic natural landscapes. The picture projected by the media about Iran is so different from reality, that causes the first time travelers to be in shock by the hospitality of people and the tranquility of the cities like Isfahan, Yazd, Shiraz for the first couple of days in Iran. There are many reasons that Iran is a place that you should visit in 2021. First, this land is home to ethnic groups with untouched traditions and rites, ancient gems from prehistoric civilizations to Islamic dynasties, and natural attractions from dense forests in the north, to salt plains and deserts in the center, and from peaceful beaches in the south to harsh mountains in the west. Second, this country is one of the safest countries in the Middle East. Although factors like the planned mainstream media, fake political news, and the political conflicts between the governments have caused Iran to be introduced as an unsafe travel destination for many years, it is now proved that this country is not only way far from being a dangerous destination, it is a very friendly and amazing country to travel to.

On the other hand, the Iranian government is sensitive about the safety of borders and unlike what is assumed about Iran, no terrorist attack happens inside the country. Also by establishing facilities like the Police of Foreign Affairs office and providing the opportunity of receiving Iran visa on arrival for most of the nationalities, the government has now proved that it pays a lot of attention to the safety and the convenience of foreign travelers in Iran.


Travelers in Iran - Is Iran safe

Travelers in Iran

What were the reasons that resulted in concerns about safety in Iran?

It all started with the one-week Iranian protests in November 2019 which was a public reaction to the sudden increase in fuel price, and it continued by the tension between the US and Iranian government resulting in the assassination of Iran’s top military commander, Ghasem Suleymani by the US and the sad crash of the Ukrainian airplane which was then announced as a human error. It was a few weeks after the plane's crash and the corresponding for getting international airlines flight schedules back to normal, that the Covid-19 spread started in Iran and the lockdown caused the tourism industry to be completely stopped, like in many other countries in the world.

Is Iran safe to travel to now (2021)?

Update on Covid-19 in Iran

Just like most of the countries in the world, today the biggest challenge in Iran is struggling with the Covid-19 pandemic and the vaccination. As an update on the situation (February 2021), the statistics show that the Covid-19 is on a downtrend and the Iranian government has started to import the Sputnik V vaccine and is going to start the vaccination soon. However, the domestic and international airlines have not started their regular flight schedule yet, and unnecessary travels between countries or cities are still inadvisable. But the good news for the tourism world is that by the start of vaccination in many countries, this unwanted long break from traveling is going to end little by little, as travel agencies in Iran are now receiving inquiries for tours of Iran.

Is it safe to travel to Iran today?

To be precise, YES, Iran is safe to travel to. Apart from the global Covid-19 issue, currently, Iran is introduced among the countries with medium risks, like Brazil, Russia, Turkey, India, etc. by the travel risk map and it has never been introduced as a dangerous travel destination. We can assure you that now there is no political violence including terrorism, war, protest, etc. happening in Iran, and minor crimes against travelers like muggings, scams, and robbery and pickpocketing are so rare as it has always been.

Female travelers in Iran

According to what many female travel bloggers have written about their travel to Iran, this country is one of the safest places they have been to (even safer than some European countries), and they have not experienced any special safety issue even as a solo female traveler in Iran. By considering some points including Hijab rules in Iran which requires women to cover their hair, arms, and legs in public and men to wear modest outfits, and some general travel safety tips like being cautious in befriending random people you meet and respecting the Iranian culture by avoiding public display of affection (PDA) and alcoholic beverages, you can enjoy completely safe travel as a female traveler in Iran.

Note: Being invited to a random local Iranian’s house for a meal or cup of tea with their family or being offered a ride by car without any payment is normal in Iran, so there is no need to panic if you received such offers in Iran as most of the times it comes from the hospitality of Iranians and their desire for friendship.


Is Iran Safe - female travelers in Iran

Female travelers in Iran

Safety of Iran tours with PackToIran

With Covid-19 vaccination getting started, and the promotion of international political relations in result of 2020 United States presidential election, as a travel agency in Iran, PackToIran team is now expecting a thriving travel season in late spring and autumn 2021, and is excited to offer its new Special Iran Tours to traveler lovers from all over the world. It is obvious that saftey is one of the most important goals of our company and providing the saftey of travelers on our tours is a priority.


Travelers in Iran - Is Iran safe - Shiraz, Iran

Travelers in Iran - Shiraz, Iran


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