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Traveling to Iran as a solo female traveler– All you need to know

Traveling to Iran as a solo female traveler– All you need to know

So you are thinking about traveling to Iran as a solo female traveler? With astonishing architecture, amazing food, and hospitable people, surprisingly Iran is now getting introduced as one of the safest destinations for solo female travelers in the world. Read the blog below to find out more.

May 3, 2021

Although Iran has been an unknown and misunderstood travel destination, where not many travelers chose to visit until recent years, it is shining like a gem among the top destinations of the Middle East in recent years. With fantastic monuments, rich culture, and lovely people, Iran is getting added to more and more bucket lists by travelers and backpackers from all over the world. According to the statistics and the experience of travelers, who traveled to Iran and got amazed by the beauties of this country, Iran is also one of the safest countries and is way different from what the western media projected for decades as a result of political conflicts with the US. This country is even known to be safer than many of the European travel destinations. Therefore, Iran is now becoming popular as a wonderful destination among solo female travelers, and every day more women start thinking about exploring this mysterious yet friendly country.

However, as a solo female traveler who wants to travel to an unknown country for the first time on her own, you might have concerns about the safety of Iran, Iran visa, money in Iran, transportation in Iran, and most importantly the pros and cons of visiting Iran on your own. Please read below and do not hesitate to contact PacKToIran, if you need any further information before planning your solo trip to Iran.


Solo female travelers in Iran - Abyaneh Village

Solo female travelers in Iran - Abyaneh Village

First of all, is it safe to travel to Iran as a solo female traveler?

By a search on the internet and reading travel blogs and forums written by females who have visited Iran, you will find out that traveling to Iran as a solo female traveler not only doesn’t sound like a crazy idea as your family and friends might think, but also it is a great and meaningful experience which helps you get familiar with the Persian culture and find out the truth about this untouched and undiscovered part of the world. According to the increasing number of female travelers who explored Iran in recent years, they have felt safe and did not experience any major issue.

Apart from what is mentioned above please be noted that as a solo female traveler, for traveling to any country you need to be cautious, consider some safety tips and points according to the culture and rules of the destination you are traveling to, and Iran is not an exception. Unfortunately, harassment and misconduct against female travelers is a common issue all over the world, and avoiding this requires more attention and self-care.


Solo female travelers in Iran - Ghale Roodkhan 

Solo female travelers in Iran - Ghale Roodkhan 

Female travelers should wear Hijab in Iran

The most important thing that should be considered by female travelers in Iran is Hijab. Since the Islamic Revolution in 1979, wearing hijab is mandatory in Iran, and women are not allowed to be present in public without covering their hair and body. This rule is the same for foreign women travelers. So while packing your suitcase to Iran you need to take the items below:

- Some scarves and shawls, for covering your head (You can buy colorful and different shawls and scarves in shops in Iran.)

- Loose and long-sleeve shirts, tunics, cardigans, or coats (considering the season) for covering your upper body

- Long loose pants, skinny jeans, and ankle-long skirts for covering your legs


- There is no problem with wearing makeup, colorful outfits, sandals, and nail polish in Iran. Local Iranian women are very fashionable and wear trendy outfits with happy colors.

- Men are also required to wear long pants in public, and there is no problem with wearing T-shirts

- In general, the hijab rule in Iran is not a very complicated as it seems and you have many options for choosing a comfortable outfit that doesn’t bother you while walking in the heat.

- In some religious sites like Shah Cheragh Holy Shrine in Shiraz, and Fatima Masoumeh Holy Shrine in Qom, women are required to wear Chador. You can rent them at the entrance.


Solo female travelers in Iran - Yazd

Solo female travelers in Iran - Yazd

Getting connected with the locals

Iranians are known to be one of the most warm-hearted nationalities in the world and hospitality is in their blood. They are so keen to help and support foreign travelers especially solo female travelers and are open to having a chat and even spending an afternoon showing them around. It is completely common if they offer you a free taxi ride, a free coffee or even if they invite you to their houses for a family dinner which is a great experience for the foreign travelers. Although these invitations are pretty normal in Iran and they are safe for 99 percent of the time and female travel bloggers usually mention this experience as a highlight of their trip in Iran, you’d better be cautious in accepting the locals’ invitations and trust your intuition and feeling.


Solo female travelers in Iran - Bazaar of Kashan

Solo female travelers in Iran - Bazaar of Kashan

Good touristic facilities are available in Iran

Unlike what many people think about Iran before they visit, this country has standard and enough touristic facilities, which makes traveling to Iran much easier for solo female travelers.


Receiving an Iran visa is a simple process for most of the nationalities, although it gets a bit complicated for the UK, US, and Canadian passport holders, and there is no difference between the visa process for solo female travelers and others. You can easily apply your visa authorization code through an Iranian travel agency or you can receive your Iran visa on arrival at the international airports.


Today, in every city and town and almost every village of Iran you can access an acceptable internet, however, you may experience disconnections on some roads or at the heart of nature, which is normal. By getting a local sim card at the airports upon arrival, you can have internet throughout your trip in Iran. You can also use free Wi-Fi at most of the hotels and restaurants.


In cities of Iran, you have many choices from 5-star and 4-star luxurious hotels to budget 3-star hotels and hostels with friendly atmospheres for your accommodation. Also, you are not going to have any issue in finding safe accommodation in off the beaten track routes of Iran as there are safe ecolodges and village stays with good facilities in almost every touristic village in Iran, from the villages in the north of Iran which are located at the heart of forests, to the desert of Iran and villages located by the Persian Gulf.


For traveling between the cities of Iran you can easily book domestic flights with good prices. There are daily flights between Tehran and most of the cities of Iran, and about two weekly flights between the touristic cities, like Shiraz, Isfahan, Yazd, Tabriz, etc. Railway trip which is popular among travelers is a good option for travelers in Iran, as the railway goes to most places in Iran. Considering the number of travelers, you also have the option to get a private sedan car or a van with professional drivers in Iran. You can use the car for sightseeing inside the cities and use it for road trips for traveling between the cities. You can book your private car in Iran with a few clicks here.


Solo female travelers in Iran - Nasir al Molk Mosque

Solo female travelers in Iran - Nasir al Molk Mosque

At last, if you have made your desicion and you are going to travel to Iran as a solo female, we highly suggest that you book your services before you arrive and start your trip. There are now many travel agencies in Iran that will help you plan your Iran tour and adventure, so that you can enjoy the beauties of this destination with peace of mind. PackToIran is one of those travel agencies that is available to help you in pre-booking all your services and give you free travel consultant.

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