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The Mysteries of Rig e Jenn Desert  in Iran

The Mysteries of Rig e Jenn Desert in Iran

Exploring deserts especially harsh Deserts like the Rig e Jenn Desert of Iran is one of those activities which attracts people with special interests and adventurous character and also the photographers who look for a unique place to take photos. So, if you are a fan of Desert tours and exploring unknown lands do not miss exploring the Rig e Jenn Desert of Iran.

October 28, 2021

Known as one of the most impassable deserts of the world, the Rig e Jenn desert is located between Isfahan and Semnan provinces (central Iran) in the west of the Dasht-e Kavir which is one of the two main deserts of Iran and is becoming a unique destination among the eco-tourists and nature lovers in Iran. Rig e Jenn is a 3,800 kilometers in square and is the third vast sandy desert of Iran and one of the most stunning and mysterious natural wonders that someone can witness. because of being a strange and dangerous place for a long time, Rig e Jenn was known as the Bermuda Triangle of Iran. Rig in Persian means shifting sands and the word Jenn means elf or invisible creatures.

Rig e Jenn desert is the area you can see plenty of barchan (crescent-shaped dunes), pyramid dunes, and salt marsh, with no signs of life, and since there is no vegetation here the sands move constantly by the wind and the shape of dunes change easily. There is no water spring or water well in this desert and the Vargi River (Hablehrood), which originates from the Sulphur Mount and has a salty water, is the only river passing through this desert, however some other salty rivers are located beside Rig e Jenn.



Rig e Jenn Desert - Iran

Rig e Jenn Desert - Iran

Mythical beliefs about the Rig e Jenn Desert

The eerie sounds emanating from Rig e Jenn Desert are a result of the wind blowing through the dunes, and the sound of rocks cracking due to the temperature difference between day and night. These sounds create a haunting atmosphere in this desert, and the locals of the nearby villages refer to them as "the cry of stone". They attribute these sounds to metaphysical powers and legendary creatures such as Jinns and dark ghosts. According to local beliefs, travelers who venture into this desert never return, and even camels refuse to step into Rig e Jenn, stopping at the edge of the desert.

One popular myth among the locals about Rig e Jenn desert is that there is a lost paradise hidden deep within the heart of the desert. This mystical oasis is said to be surrounded by dense trees and has a beautiful lake where Jinns keep their treasure. It is believed that anyone who manages to reach this paradise will become rich beyond their wildest dreams.

At the heart of Rig e Jenn desert lies an area where black rocks are scattered. These rocks are actually impurities that were extracted from metal ores during the process of melting metals by Haloxylon shrubs. The locals believe that many years ago, people or creatures accessed this remote location and melted metals here.

Despite the spooky legends surrounding Rig e Jenn desert, it remains a popular destination for adventurous travelers seeking to explore the mysteries of the desert. The strange sounds, the black rocks, and the lost paradise all add to the allure of this enigmatic place.



Rig e Jenn Desert - Iran

Rig e Jenn Desert - Iran

Exploring the Rig e Jenn Desert in History

Rig e Jenn desert in Iran was once an unexplored and mysterious place, feared by locals due to its dangerous marshes that would swallow everything in its path. It was not even marked on old maps of Iran, as people had no logical explanation for the strange incidents that occurred within its salt pans, which were believed to be burial grounds for both humans and animals. For many years, only two travelogues written by desertologists mentioned Rig e Jenn.

However, in 1900, Swedish geographer and explorer Mr. Sven Hedin mentioned Rig e Jenn desert for the first time and explored some parts of it. In 1930, Austrian geographer and traveler Mr. Alfons Gabriel also explored the desert but never passed through it. Passing through Rig e Jenn desert was a dream for adventurers and desertologists for many years.

It wasn't until 2005 that Iranian desertologist Mr. Ali Parsa, accompanied by his professional team and the manager of the National Desert Park, Mr. Miran Zadeh, finally made it to the other side of Rig e Jenn desert after eight failed attempts. A year later, Mr. Ali Parsa passed through the desert by car, paving the way for other desertologists and adventurers to explore this stunning and previously unknown land.

Despite its eerie reputation, Rig e Jenn desert remains an alluring destination for those seeking adventure and the opportunity to uncover the secrets of this enigmatic place. Its haunting sounds, black rocks, and rumored lost paradise continue to captivate the imagination of all who venture into its depths.


Rig e Jenn desert is the heaven of photographers

Rig e Jenn Desert - Iran

Visiting the Rig e Jenn Desert

  • Although none of the mythical stories and mysterious beliefs seem reasonable today and there are logical reasons for every incident, Rig e Jenn desert remains a wonderful and stunning desert, which has become an amazing destination for desert lovers. This desert offers a scenic sky during sunrise, sunset and during night when you can see millions of stars and many meteorites.
  • Although there is no risk of being taken away by Jinns, Rig e Jenn desert is still an adventurous destination, that you need to be accompanied by a professional and equipped tour operator in order to have a safe and pleasant experience. You can also enjoy activities like riding motorbikes, and sandboarding on the dunes.
  • The best time of year for visiting Rig e Jenn or other deserts of Iran is from late September to late November, when the weather is mild.
  • If you are going to stay at Rig e Jenn desert for the night, make sure to have enough warm clothes. Also don't forget to take sunglasses, suitable shoes, compass, tent, enough food and water, first aid kit, flashlights, and enough fuel.
  • You also have the option to stay in one of the cozy ecolodges of Anarak or Jandagh villages located near the desert.



Rig e Jenn Desert - Iran

Rig e Jenn Desert - Iran


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