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It is now more than 9 months that the borders of Iran have been open after the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, and now (April 2022) Iran entry requirements are changed from the first days. At first, passengers including both foreigners and passport holders were required to have a PCR test done 72-hours before arrival, but today the PCR test is not mandatory anymore, and now Iran entry requirements during COvid-19 are as below:

All passengers (both Iranians and foreigner visitors) above 12 years must be fully vaccinated for being allowed to enter Iran. 14 days should be passed from the last dose of vaccination. All types of Vaccines are accepted in Iran.

If a traveler is not vaccinated or fully vaccinated, they will only be accepted with a Covid-19 PCR test which is done less than 72 hours before departure flight to Iran.

Upon arrival, all passengers will be screened and anyone showing any symptom of Coivd-19 will be tested again at their own expenses which would be about 20 USD. Also all passengers should fill out the Covid-19 screening self-declaration form and present the form to health representatives at the airport.




If you need any further information about Iran entry requirements during Covid-19, do not hesitate to contact us. We are also available for touristic visa services and Iran tours.


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