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Visiting Iran after Qatar World Cup 2022 (Visa Free)

Visiting Iran after Qatar World Cup 2022 (Visa Free)

Now that travelers and football lovers are getting ready to travel to Qatar for the 2022 World Cup, many are thinking about visiting Iran before or after the tournament. Iranian ministry of foreign affairs has announced that it will offer free visa upon arrival to Qatar World Cup spectators, and has reached agreements with Qatar government in providing amenities like hotels, flight, etc. in Iran. Read more about visiting Iran after Qatar World Cup 2022:

April 25, 2022

The 2022 FIFA World Cup is the 22nd World Cup competition which is cheduled to take place in Qatar from November 21 to December 18 2022, and this means that so much fun, thrill and excitement is just around the corner for football lovers. The interesting fact is that this is the first time that Football World Cup is taking place in Arab world, and also the second time that it is held in Asia, after 2002 World Cup in South Korea and Japan. Also, because of the intense heat in Qatar during summer, the tournament will be held from late November, making it the very first World Cup which is not held during May and June.

As a result of historical connections and being neighbours with very short distance, Iran and Qatar have friendly cultural, economic, and political bilateral relations, and more than 30,000 Iranians are residents of Qatar.

Recently, Iran has announced that it will offer free visas upon arrival for Qatar’s 2022 World Cup spectators, which means that it is going to be a great opportunity to visit Iran, the wonderful travel destination of the world with easier and more economic situation. Iran and Qatar have also reached agreements for hosting World Cup fans in southern ports and islands of Iran like the Kish Island known for its modern resorts and the scenic Qeshm Island, one of the most popular winter destinations of Iran.



Flights between the Kish Island and Doha include a transit in Dubai, but both parties are planning on organising direst Kish – Doha flights which is about 2 hours and 12 minutes by Mahan Air, Qatar Airways, Iran Air, etc., and also direct daily flights to Doha from touristic cities of Iran like Tehran, Isfahan, and Shiraz. Totally there are going to be about 100 daily flights between Iran and Qatar during the World Cup.


The authorities of both countries are providing more than 3000 ferry seats for sea transportation between ports of Iran and Qatar. Although Dayyer port in Bushehr Province was the only Iranian port to Qatar, some other ports like Kish Island port are designated for moving passengers from Iran to Doha Port (the only port of Qatar used for entrance of tourists.) with small and big ferries during the World Cup, with very good prices.


Staying in southern ports and islands of Iran like Kish and Qeshm is more pocket-friendly than staying in Qatar during World Cup days. From 5-star fancy hotels to chalet and hostels there is a big verity of accommodations available in Kish Islands, and so many hotels and ecolodges are available in Qeshm Island, where you can enjoy a relaxing time and pleasant mild weather.

Below is PackToIran’s suggested itinerary for visiting Iran after Qatar World Cup 2022:

Day 1

Fly from Qatar to Shiraz. Arrival (4:45 am). Get transferred to your hotel and start your Shiraz city tour late in the morning. First explore the stunning Nasir al Molk Mosque and continue with Zand complex including Vakil Bazaar, the Mosque, Karimkhan Citadel, etc.



Nasir al Molk Mosque - Shiraz, Iran

Nasir al Molk Mosque - Shiraz, Iran

Day 2

Drive toward Yazd. Enroute visit the UNESCO listed Persepolis, the glorious capital of Achaemenids and Necropolis, known as most significant ancient heritages of Iran, and the 4000-year-old Cypress tree of Abarkooh. Arriving Yazd, stroll through the mud brick alleys and arcs of the UNESCO listed historic city of Yazd, where you feel like traveling back in history, and walking in cities described in oriental tales and stories. 



Persepolis - Iran

Persepolis - Iran

Day 3

Tour the magnificent city of Yazd, including Zoroastrian Towers of Silence and the Fire Temple. Then explore the Amirchakhmaq Complex, the Jaame Mosque and the Dowlat Abad Garden.



Historic city of Yazd

Historic city of Yazd

Day 4-5

Drive to Varzaneh Desert and spend two days in the heart of this scenic desert, where you can get relaxed and enjoy the landscape of sand dunes, pleasant daylight, and stunning sunsets. Here you can also enjoy activities like zipline, sand skiing, safari, etc.



Varzaneh Desert - Iran

Varzaneh Desert - Iran

Day 6-7

Drive to Isafahan in the morning and enjoy two days of exploring wonders of Isfahan, a city known titled as “Half of the World”, because of its Islamic architecture masterpieces, including mosques, gardens, palaces and bridges. Get amazed by the beauty of Ali Qapu Palace wall painting, and turquoise tilework of Shah mosque, and the amazing patterns of Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque dome.



Shah Mosque - Isfahan, Iran

Shah Mosque - Isfahan, Iran

Day 8

Drive to Tehran via Kashan. In Kashan visit top highlights of the city like the UNESCO listed Fin Garden, historical luxurious houses where merchants and their families used to live, and the atmospheric bazaar of Kashan. Arrive Tehran, the modern and busy capital of Iran and get acquainted with Iran’s modern lifestyle.



Day 9

Visit historical highlights of Tehran dating back to Qajar Era like the charming Golestan Palace, and then visit some museums and modern art galleries. Say goodbye to Iran and get transferred to IKA Airport for your flight back home after your long and trip, full of varied experiences.



Tehran, Iran

Tehran, Iran


For booking any travel service including hotels, flights, or the mentioned tour above in Iran (with a considerable discount) during the Qatar World Cup 2022 you can be in contact with PackToIran team, a local tour operator in Iran, and arrange your services.


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