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Travel from Qatar to Iran by Ferry after World Cup 2022

Travel from Qatar to Iran by Ferry after World Cup 2022

Iran government is getting ready to operate ferry trips from Qatar to Iran and vice versa during World cup 2022, which is going to be hosted in Qatar in November and December.

July 9, 2022

Since Qatar is one of the neighbouring countries of Iran with positive cultural and economic relations during history, and Iran is one of the booming travel destinations of the world with wonderful and diverse attractions from heritages of ancient civilizations, to masterpieces of architecture from Islamic era, and cultural wonders, Iran is now considering its capacities of naval transportation and accommodation services in order to provide services to football fans who are planning on visiting Iran before or after the World Cup 2022. The head of Ports and Maritime Organization has also announced that the preparations of sea transportations during World Cup will be completed by late September, and one of the most important factors, which is the safety of travelers, is being considered by providing standard and advanced vessels and ferries.

Transport by maritime means have been a part of Iran-Qatar relations for a very long time and since many years ago, these two countries had trading and transactions by lenj boat and ferries. Many of the locals of southern cities, ports and islands of Iran are bust with trading and business relations with Qatar. Maritime transportations between Qatar and Iran is done from/to five ports in Qatar including Port of Hamad, Doha Port, Pas Laffan Port, Port of Mesaieed, and Al-Ruwais Port. Most of these ports are business ports and the only port used for tourism transportation, is the Doha Port and ports of Iran via which travelers can travel to Qatar by ferry during World Cup 2022 are in Bushehr, Kish Island, and Qeshm Island, all of which are wonderful winter destinations in Iran, with rich culture and architecture and amazing beaches.

Bushehr Port

Located by the Persian Gulf, the Bushehr Port is the center of Bushehr province which has been an important port since ilamite era (3000 BC) and Achaemenid time (518 BC), and today it is still a significant spot in terms of economy, trading and also tourism. Bushehr port is known for its rich culture, stunning traditional architecture that can be seen by walking through the narrow lanes of its old city district, warm-hearted people, and its tasty and chilli local cuisines. One of the most special things that someone can experience in Bushehr is listening to some local music and songs played by locals in the heart of old city district. This tradition is called Khayyam Khani, and includes singings verses of poems of Khayyam, the great Persian poet and philosopher.

Kish Island

Kish Island is one of the most popular travel destinations among local Iranians, and is a great place for water sports, gastronomy, and shopping.

Qeshm Island

Qeshm Island is the largest island of the Persian Gulf, with 59 villages and towns with 150,000 residents. Considered as one of the booming travel destinations in Iran among both Iranians and foreigner travelers, Qeshm Island is known for its wonderful geology phenomena that can be explored in places like the mysterious Chahkooh Valley or the Slat Cave, the stunning Hara Mangrove Forest, and cultural attractions like Lenj Boat building, traditional fishing, their traditional wedding parties, etc.

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