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Visit the UNESCO listed Uraman Takht village of Iran after Qatar World Cup 2022

Visit the UNESCO listed Uraman Takht village of Iran after Qatar World Cup 2022

The UNESCO listed Uraman Takht Village in west of Iran is one of the most amazing villages of Iran in terms of history, culture and nature that should be visited while you are in Iran.

July 20, 2022

If you are traveling to Qatar for World Cup 2022, then this autumn is a perfect time for visiting Iran after the World Cup, the wonderful and misunderstood travel destination that you have always wanted to visit. For decades Iran has been introduced as an unfriendly and unsafe destination because of political propaganda and media, but in recent years the peaceful essence of travel has revealed the real face of Iran as an amazing and peaceful destination. With its ancient history and diverse culture, every city and village in Iran that you visit will amaze you with the hospitality of its people, beauty of its historical attractions and tasty and diverse cuisines. Apart from touristic cities like Isfahan, Shiraz, and Yazd, which are home to top historical attractions of Iran, there are exotic and unique villages scattered in different parts of this vast country. These undiscovered villages offer authentic travel experiences and make you familiar with unknown cultures and traditions. One of the famous villages that is a remarkable rural tourism destination in Iran, is the UNESCO listed Uraman Takht Village, an ancient village that will leave you speechless.


Uraman Takht Village - Kurdistan, Iran

Uraman Takht Village - Kurdistan, Iran

Where is the Uraman Takht Village?

Uramant is a region in Sarv Abad Town in the west of Kurdistan province, located in western Iran. This region meets the country of Iran from west, and Kermanshah Province from south, and is connected to Marivan city via a 75-kilometer road. This region is a mountainous area with twisted rivers and water fountains. The Uraman Takht Village is the center of Uraman region, and is one of the most significant villages in Iran in terms of history, culture and architecture

The history behind the Uraman Village

The traditions of locals and their language prove that this is an ancient land, and discovering some objects like Neanderthal skeletons show that this place was resided by people since pre-historic era. It is believed that the antiquity of civilization and cities in Uraman Takht go back to 6000 years ago and chalcolithic era, and an inscription with the picture of Sargon II that was excavated in this region is related to Assyrian civilization. Also, some historians say that Uraman Takht was an important city during Parthian and Sassanid era.

People living in Uraman Takht Village

Meeting the people living in Uraman Takht village is like meeting people from centuries ago, because of the unique outfit of men and women, their simple lifestyle, and their hospitality and kindness. This village is now home to 540 families (2800 people), who speak Urami dialect and some Iranian rituals from ancient era that are still held by the locals of Uraman Takht Village, make this village even more amazing and wonderful.

Why is the architecture of Uraman Takht so amazing?

The stepped architecture of Uraman Takht Village and its stone-made houses, which are built on the skirts of a steep valley, has caused this village to look like a pyramid, with an ancient fortress on top of it. This stepped architecture is similar to Masouleh Village, where rooftop of one house is the courtyard of the upper house. This amazing architecture, and the beauty of the nature has caused this village to be described as a stairway to heaven.

The Pir Shalyar Ritual

Apart from the natural attractions of Uraman Takht and its architecture, the Pir Shalyar Ritual is a unique attraction of this village, which is held during winter and has roots in Zoroastrianism and ancient Iranian rituals. The locals of Uraman Takht gather and wear Kurdish outfit, play spiritual music especially with Daf (a percussion music instrument of Iran), cook a traditional soup, and etc. Pir Shalyar was a great and legendary person in Uraman region who still has a special place in the heart of locals. If you are lucky enough, you might see this amazing ritual and ceremony when you travel to Iran this winter after World Cup 2022.



Pir Shalyar Ritual - Uraman Takht Village, Kurdistan, Iran

Pir Shalyar Ritual - Uraman Takht Village, Kurdistan, Iran

Where to stay in Uraman Takht Village

The Stone Hotel which is also known as Shadi Hotel is the most famous and largest hotel in Uraman Takht Village. This hotel has 22 rooms with standard accommodation services. There are also many ecolodges and village houses which are ran by local families. By staying at these ecolodges you can experience meeting the locals of Uraman Takht, and living with them for a few days.

Visiting this village is included in some PackToIran tours like the Iran Kurdistan Tour, but if you want to visit the UNESCO listed Uraman Takht Village after World Cup 2022, the best option is flying from Doha to Tehran, and then driving to Uraman Takht via Hamadan after 2-3 days of Tehran tour. Since you are going to visit this village during winter, you need to take enough winter clothes and be accompanied by a driver-guide with a safe car.

For receiving more information about this unique trip and maybe reserving a tour, you can be in contact with us.

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