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Enjoy a wonderful camping in Qeshm Island after Qatar World Cup 2022

Enjoy a wonderful camping in Qeshm Island after Qatar World Cup 2022

If you are thinking about extending your trip this December after World Cup games to explore more countries and places in the region, and you enjoy relaxing on scenic beaches and getting warm sunlight in winter, while your hometown is rainy and cloudy, then Qeshm Island in the south of Iran is a perfect choice for you.

July 30, 2022

Known as an ancient country with historical attractions, many foreign travelers that decide to travel to Iran don’t know that apart from historical mosques and ancient palaces there are many wonderful natural attractions from untouched beaches to vast deserts and even lush and rainy forests. Southern cities of Iran like Bushehr Bandar Abbas, and Chabahar Port located by the Persian Gulf, and southern islands like Qeshm and Kish have great beach tourism potentials.

Located in south of Iran, the Qeshm Island is the pearl of Persian Gulf with scenic rocky and sand beaches, many historical attractions, rich culture, and most importantly valuable geology heritages that has caused Qeshm Island to be the only geo-park in Iran and the Middle East, and one of the most amazing travel destinations in Iran with natural attractions, great food, and rich flora and fauna. This island is the largest one in the Persian Gulf and is known as the “Seven Wonders Island”.

Why should Qeshm Island be visited?

Culture and people

In south of Iran and Qeshm Island you get acquainted with a culture and hospitality which is different from the culture you experienced in other parts of Iran. Here in Qeshm Island, women still wear unique colorful outfit which has roots in their local culture, and from cooking to dancing and holding wedding parties, people’s daily activities has a southern theme that will amaze you. Here warm-hearted locals welcome you with hospitality and kindness and invite you to their ceremonies and social events that you can’t experience anywhere but Qeshm Island.

Rich wildlife

In Qeshm Island you will see a wide range of animals from happily swimming and jumping dolphins to flock of camels that slowly stroll on the sand dunes by the beaches, and most importantly different types of bird like storks, pelicans, herons, and so many more bird species, that cause Qeshm to be a perfect place for bird watching tours in Iran. Also, the diversity of fish and sea creatures has made Qeshm Island a perfect place for fishing and snorkelling.

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