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You might have experienced feeling amazed by visiting a historical attraction or construction left as a legacy from centuries ago and felt astonished by the skill and talent of masters who constructed such amazing buildings centuries ago, that impress visitors until today. Located near the city of Yazd, on Yad-Kerman road, the Sar Yazd Castle is one of these constructions that you should visit when you travel to Iran. This impressive castle is a heritage left from the pre-Islamic era known as one of the largest safe deposit boxes in history.

The Sar Yazd Castle is one of the most beautiful and largest defensive castles built in the Central Desert of Iran that was built during the Sassanid era, and the important fact about this castle is that it was not a military construction and was built to be used as a safe box for keeping people’s money and possessions safe from invaders and enemies, and that is why historians call SarYazd the oldest safe box of the world! Although many centuries have passed since the construction of Sar Yazd, this castle is still an impressive sample of ancient Iranian architecture.




The architecture of Sar Yazd Castle

The Sar Yazd fort covers an area of about 8000 meters in squares. As mentioned before, the main core of the construction is related to the Sassanid era and then it was renovated during the Safavid era (16th -17th century). All three floors of this castle were built with adobe, mud brick, and stucco. The magnificent architecture of this castle has caused it to be among the most amazing historical fortresses in Iran, and some believe that its architecture is even more amazing than the Bam Citadel in terms of complicity and ornaments. The complicity of the elements of the castle including its towers, gates, and 468 rooms, with the geometrical ornaments is like an artistic masterpiece in the middle of barrens.


Saryazd Fort

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