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Uraman Takht Village in Kurdistan, Iran

Uraman Takht Village in Kurdistan, Iran

Are you curious about the culture of the Kurd people living in Iran? Uraman Takht Village located near Marivan town in Kurdistan Province is home to Kurd people with rich culture and rituals and is one of the villages in Iran that leave every visitor speechless.

July 13, 2020

The magnificent Uraman Takht Village is located in Uraman County of Kurdistan Province in western Iran and is one of the most exquisite villages of Iran in terms of culture and nature. Uraman (Avoraman or Hewraman) is a mountainous region in the west of Iran and east of Iraq in the heart of Zagros Mountain Range, which is home to 500,000 locals and has an untouched and scenic nature with rich flora and fauna, a very rich culture, and ancient history. As an adventurer and a traveler who looks for authentic places and exotic villages, the Uraman Takht Village is one of the most unique places you can visit in whole Iran, which is included in Iran Kurdistan Tour of PackToIran.

History of Uraman

The word Uraman or Huraman means the land of Ahura, which is the most sacred spirit in Zoroastrianism, and the land of the Sun. According to the historical evidence like the tools made by cavemen and pieces of bones related to capras, the human life in this land goes back to 40,000 years ago and during the Paleolithic Era. Human life in in Uraman Takht during the Iron Age is proved by evidence like some primitive houses and a vast grave. Also, the cuneiform writings and the paintings of the inscription found in this area reveals that Sargon II, the Assyrian commander invaded Uraman and Zagros region. The most important historical evidence related to Uraman Takht Village are two ancient manuscripts dating back to Parthian Era, written on deerskin. Some historians believe that Uraman region was an important center during the Sassanid Empire.

Uraman Takht Village - Kurdistan, Iran

Uraman Takht Village

The locals of Uraman Takht Village

The people of Uraman Village are from the Kurd race and speak in Hurami language, and are Sunni Muslims, however ancient Iranian rituals and ceremonies are still practiced by them. As a result of the mountainous and cool climate and the abundance of plants in the area, most of the locals are busy with animal husbandry, agriculture, and making amazing handicrafts like handwoven, carpets, kilims and textiles, wooden crafts including traditional music instruments and Giveh, which is the traditional handmade shoe used widely by the Kurdish people. Currently, some locals of Uraman Takht village still wear traditional Kurdish dress, which includes a coat, baggy pants, and a turban for men and a vest worn on a long gown and a scarf ornamented with colorful stones and accessories for women and girls.


A local woman in Uraman Takht Village - Kurdistan, Iran

A local woman in Uraman Takht Village - Kurdistan, Iran

The architecture of Uraman Takht Village

Uraman Takht is among the villages of Iran with stepped architecture like Masooleh in Gilan Province. Since this village is located on the two sides of a deep coal in a mountainous area, the houses are built on this steep as well, and that is why the roof of the below house is the courtyard of the above house. And the houses are constructed with the local available materials including rocks and stones.

The stepped architecture of Uraman Takht Village

The stepped architecture of Uraman Takht Village - Kurdistan, Iran

Pir Shalyar Ritual

 Pir Shalyar is the most important ceremony, which is held in Uraman Takht Village and attracts many travelers and also other Kurdish people from Iraq and Turkey to this village, twice a year in February and April. Pir Shalyar was a legendary character living in Uraman, who was known for doing extraordinary actions especially healing the deaf and silent daughter of Bukhara King, which led into his marriage with the same princess as a reward. The Pir Shalyar ceremony is their symbolic wedding feast which is held for three days from Wednesday to Friday. During this festival the locals visit the tomb of Pir Shalyar, play an impressive music with Daf , which is an Iranian percussion instrument which has a special place in the culture of Kurdish people, the men do some group Kurdish dance which is one of the most beautiful dances done by the ethnic groups of Iran, and cook a specific type of Aush (Iranian soup) with barley. Visiting an amazing and authentic ceremony like the Pir Shalyar festival and getting acquainted with the untouched culture of a historical village is something that can’t be experienced everywhere in the world.

Uraman Takht Village as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Because of its rich traditional culture, the remote mountainous landscapes, and the Kurdish tribes, the Cultural Landscape of Hawraman or Cultural Landscape of Uraman got inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site during this organization's session in 2021, as the 26th tangible heritage of Iran on this list. This credit makes this exotic and amzing village more abd more popular mong the travelers who seek unique attractions and will boost tourism industry and the economy of the locals.

When is the best time to visit Uraman Takht Village?

For travelers who like to visit Uraman when the weather is mild and pleasant, mid-April to early October is the best time, although the days may get a little hot from July to September. In November to March, the weather is cold with rain and snowfalls. During this time, the village has a scenic snowy view and is a wonderful place for photography, and winter climbing.

Where to stay in Uraman Village?

Uraman Village is one of the best villages in Iran where you can experience living with the locals and enjoying their hospitality for a couple of days. There are now many village houses and ecolodges in Uraman Village that host travelers with simple facilities and warm homemade foods at a reasonable price. There is also a good 3-star hotel in Uraman for travelers who look for more comfortable accommodations.

Uraman Takht Village in spring

Uraman Takht Village in spring
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