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Top 3 Persian caravanserais at which you can stay!

Top 3 Persian caravanserais at which you can stay!

Isfahan Abbasi Hotel, Zein-o-Din Caravanserai, and Maranjab Caravanserai are among the top caravanseraies in Iran which are renovated and travelers can stay in to experience a wonderful Persian night.

September 10, 2020

From the beginning of history, the country of Iran has been like a bridge connecting the east and the west of the world where ancient roads passed, and this has encouraged the rulers and the kings to care about the safety and the quality of the roads and the structures related to the needs and requirements of travelers, which led to financial income and cultural exchange.

What attracts most of travelers to Iran is its magnificent and world known architectural masterpieces, as the marvelousness of old Persian civilizations is projected on the monuments left from ancient empires and Islamic dynasties including palaces, ziggurats, mosques, bazaars, caravanserais, etc. So apart from visiting monuments like Persepolis or Golestan Palace, what makes your Iran trip a wonderful and unique experience is staying at a hotel or caravanserai which is originally a historical monument hosting travelers for centuries!

Known as one of the most important forms of Persian architecture, caravanserais are connected to the historic roads and hundreds of historic caravanserais are still standing all around Iran especially on the historic roads route like the Silk Road. The Persian word caravanserai which is used in all languages in the world includes two words of Caravan (a group of travelers) and Seray (house). Caravanserais were public constructions at which the caravans, voyagers and their horses or camels could spend the night and taka a rest in the middle of their long journeys through the barrens and deserts. These long-standing caravanserais are among the top attractions that travelers visit in Iran and some of them are renovated and are still in use as inns and hotels. For a traveler who is interested in oriental atmosphere and Persian history, staying in a room, where numerous unknown travelers have stayed in thousands of years, is a wonderful and memorable experience which is not going to be possible everywhere in the world. Below we have introduced three of Persian caravanserais at which travelers can stay and experience an original Persian night on the route of ancient roads.

1-     Abbasi Hotel - Isfahan

Built around 300 years ago by the order of the mother of Shah Sultan Hossein (the last Safavid King), the Abbasi Caravanserai was one of the most glorious caravanserais of its own time in Isfahan. This monument was ruined by the Afghan invaders, but after being abandoned for centuries it was restored by the French architecture Andre Godard and then it was opened as a fancy hotel in the heart of the beautiful city of Isfahan, which is today one of the top hotels in Iran. The 5-star Isfahan Abbasi Hotel is a four Ivan monument with two-story rooms surrounding the vast central garden with high trees and colorful flowers. Entering the hotel lobby, you will be amazed by the mirror works and stucco works covering the ceiling, the walls, and the columns. The 225 rooms of this hotel are characterized by Persian architecture ornaments inspired by Qajarid or Safavid art. The halls are the most amazing part of this hotel, which is ornamented with masterly Persian paintings. Even if you are not going to stay in Isfahan Abbasi Hotel, visiting this hotel and enjoying the atmosphere of its garden is highly suggested.

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A room at Abbasi Hotel - Isfahan, Iran

Abbasi Hotel - Isfahan, Iran

2-     Zein-o-Din Caravanserai - Yazd

What makes Zein-o-Din stand out is its exclusive circular architectural plan, which is not seen in any other existing Persian caravanserai. Zein-o-Din Caravanserai is located 60 kilometers away from Yazd in a desert. It was built during the Safavid Dynasty by a master of architecture Mr. Muhammad Sultan Yazdi who also built the Ganjali Khan Complex of Kerman. This brick-made construction includes a central courtyard surrounded with rooms, 5 towers, and two stairways which lead travelers to its rooftop where they can enjoy the starry desert sky at night and scenic sunrise landscape in the morning. Zein-o-Din is a caravanserai with simple facilities like mattresses instead of beds and shared toilets.

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Zei-o-Din Caravanserai - Yazd, Iran

Zei-o-Din Caravanserai - Yazd, Iran

3-     Maranjab Caravanserai - Kashan

Maranjab Caravanserai is a souvenir from Shah Abbas the king of the Safavid Dynasty, which is located at the heart of the Maranjab Desert among the eye-catching sand dunes and the Salt Lake. This was built beside a freshwater fountain to provide good service for the travelers. This caravanserai was also used as a watching tower to guarantee the Isfahan-Mashhad popular road. The Maranjab Desert, which is in the north of Aran o Bidgol town and 62 kilometers away from Kashan, is one of the top deserts of Iran which attracts many travelers and photographers. Known as one of the highlights of this desert, Maranjab Caravanserai is a brick-made square building with 29 rooms, 6 watching towers, and long corridors that were used as horse stables. Today many travelers who visit this desert prefer to spend the night at Maranjab Caravanserai to get the best out of their desert adventure and enjoy the desert night atmosphere.

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Maranjab Caravanserai - Kashan, Iran

Maranjab Caravanserai - Kashan, Iran


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