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People of Iran - Iranian ethnic groups and nomads

People of Iran - Iranian ethnic groups and nomads

With 80 million people, the population of Iran includes residents of cities, villages and nomads from different ethnic groups, including Arabs, Azeris, Baluch, Lurs, etc.

November 16, 2020

Iranians are the people residing in the country of Iran which is located in the southwest of Iran in the Middle East. Iran’s population was increased during the second half of the 20th century and according to the 2016 census, it was about 80 million with 1.2 percent of population growth. Urbanization in Iran has had a notable increase during the current century. Around 65 years ago the urban population in Iran was only 32 percent, while it has reached 74 percent in 2016. Despite this considerable increase, the vast country of Iran is still home to a big number of rural people, nomads, and different ethnic groups. Also, only 50 percent of Iranians are of Persian descent and live in cities of central Iran, and the other 50 percent includes, Azaris, Turks, Qashqaies, Lurs, etc. who live in every corner of this land.

As mentioned by almost every traveler who has visited Iran, the people of Iran are one of the most hospitable and welcoming people among all the nationalities, and meeting local Iranians and having random friendly chats is a big part of each travel to Iran.

Iranian Azeris

Azaris or Azerbaijanis are Turkish speaking people who live in the country of Azerbaijan, central provinces of Turkey, Georgia, and Azerbaijan region of Iran including East Azerbaijan, West Azerbaijan, and Ardabil provinces in the northwest and west of Iran. Azari people of Iran who live in villages with cool climate are busy with agriculture and animal husbandry, and gardening, while the ones living in cities like Urmia and Tabriz are successful traders.

You are going to meet the Azari people of Iran on the "North and Northwest Iran Tour" of PackToIran.

Iranian Turkmen

Although the Turkmen are only 2 percent of Iranians, they are one of the most amazing ethnic groups with rich culture and traditions. They live on vast pastures in Gorgan Province and North Khorasan Province, close to the borders of the Republic of Turkmenistan. Turkmen nomads who are divided into different tribes are known for their horseback riding skills, their traditional music, their handwoven carpets which are characterized by their geometrical patterns and red color, and the beautiful and traditional outfits women and men wear.

You are going to meet the Turkmen of Iran on "North of Iran Tour" of PackToIran.

Kurds in Iran

Kurd people are a big ethnic group living in the vast Kurdistan region in Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Caucasus, and Iran including Kurdistan Province, Kermanshah Province, Ilam Province, and south of the West Azerbaijan Province, which all cover the west side of Iran and parts of Zagros Mountain Range. The population of Kurds in Iran, who speak in the Kurdish language, is about 4.5 million. It is believed that the origins of the Kurds trace back to the Medes who migrated to this region during the 1st millennia BC. The Kurd people are known for being very strong and dignified people with a very deep culture, who live in villages like Uraman Takht and Palangan and big cities like Kermanshah and Sanandaj.

Taking the "Kurdistan Tour" of PackToIran gives you the chance to meet the Kurd people of Iran and visit the picturosque landscapes.

Baluch of Iran

Baluchistan is a big region covering some parts of Pakistan, Afghanistan, and southeast of Iran in Sistan and Baluchistan, Kerman, and Khorasan provinces, which is a dry and hot area with very little rainfall. The Baluch people (Baloch) are known for being very tolerant people who earn money in a difficult situation, and also for being very warmhearted, generous, and hospitable. Baluch women are great masters of making eye-catching embroideries and handmade pottery pieces.

Chabahar Port is a touristic area in Sistan and Baluchistan Province, where you will remain speechless by the beauty of the landscapes and natural wonders and the friendly atmosphere.

Iranian Arabs

Arab people are a very big population living in different parts of the world, from Asian countries like Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria, to the north of Africa. They also live in some parts of Iran, including Khuzestan Province in the southwest and along the Persian Gulf. They are usually busy with fishing and trading goods between Iran and Arab countries in the south of the Persian Gulf and also farming dates. Arab people are very hospitable and warmhearted and are characterized by their outfit including a long white shirt for men and a black chador and burqa for women.

Some tour of Iran like the "Iran UNESCO Sites Tour" covers the ancient attractions of Khuzestan Province and gives you the opportunity to meet the local Arabs of this region.

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