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Blog Tag : Persian Gardens

August 12, 2021
Dowlat Abad Garden
The Dowlat Abad Garden of Yazd is a fabulous sample of Persian Gardens and Iranian architecture that must be visited in this historical city.
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July 26, 2021
Eram Garden
Located in Shiraz known as the city of flowers and poetry, the Botanical Eram Garden of Shiraz is another UNESCO listed Persian Garden and of the must-see attractions of this city, which is known for its heavenly beautiful atmosphere and variety of plants and vegetation.
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July 22, 2021
The Fin Garden of Kashan
The stunning Fin Garden of Kashan is one of the main attractions of this city and one of the nine Persian Gardens which are characterized by Chahar Bagh (four-garden) plan and are registered as UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Iran. The Fin Garden is one of the most beautiful gardens and a must-see in Kashan.
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July 19, 2021
The Shazdeh Garden
Step into the mesmerizing world of Lush Shazdeh Garden, nestled in the heart of deserts, in Kerman Province of Iran. This enchanting oasis is one of the nine UNESCO-listed Persian gardens, boasting breathtaking beauty and captivating charm. Amidst the arid desert landscape, this garden is a true marvel, a symphony of colors and scents that will leave you spellbound.
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June 1, 2020
Persian gardens
Persian Garden (Bagh-e Irani) resembles the paradise on Earth. The perfect design of the Persian Garden, along with its ability to respond to extreme climatic conditions, is the original result of an inspired and intelligent application of different fields of knowledge, i.e. technology, water management, engineering, architecture, botany, and agriculture.
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