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Blog Tag : Tehran attractions

August 1, 2022
Best Museums of Tehran
Known as city of museums and art galleires, Tehran is the modern capital of Iran and is one of the most touristic cities that is visited by almost any traveler who travel to Iran. Visiting the Museums of Tehran lets visitors experience traveling back in time. Read below article to find out more about best Museums of Tehran that should be visited in this city.
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July 6, 2022
Nightlife in Iran
Experiencing nightlife in different countries of the world is one of the important parts of exploring a new destination for getting more familiar with the destination, getting acquainted with the culture, and most importantly having some fun the way the locals of that country have. How is nightlife experiences in Iran?
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September 30, 2021
The Treasury of National Jewels
The Treasury of National Jewels of Iran is one of the most precious collections of diamond and jeweled stones in the world, and of the most amazing attractions of Tehran. This treasury has a long story behind and today it is kept inside the building of the Central Bank of Iran.
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September 16, 2021
Niavaran Palace Complex
The Niavaran Palace Complex is one of the three impressive palace complexes of Tehran, and is an amazing attraction for the travelers who are interested in exploring the contemporary history, architecture and culture of Iran.
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August 2, 2021
Top Hostels in Tehran
A lot of modern hostels with amazing designs, professional staff and friendly atmospheres have opened in Tehran in recent years. These hostels offer good services and unforgettable experiences.
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April 19, 2021
Sa'dabad Complex of Tehran
Tehran is home to many Qajarid and Pahlavi legacies like glorious palaces where the kings lived, the lavish gardens, and royal mansions. The Sa'dabad Complex located in the north of Tehran is a collection of palaces resided by the members of Pahlavi Dynasty that are used as magnificent museums today, and is one of the most amazing historical attractions of this city.
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January 28, 2021
The Golestan Palace - Tehran
The UNESCO listed Golestan Palace of Tehran as one of the most spectacular attractions of Tehran and is a complex of palaces and gardens related to Qajar Era. Golestan Palace is a must-visit destination for those who want to experience the rich history and culture of Iran. This palace which is decorated with numerous details, offers visitors a glimpse into the opulent lifestyle of the Qajar dynasty. With its stunning architecture, intricate tile work, and beautiful gardens, Golestan Palace is a feast for the eyes. It's a perfect place to learn about Iran's past and immerse yourself in its art and architecture. So if you're planning a trip to Tehran, don't miss out on the chance to visit Golestan Palace in Tehran, Iran.
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December 6, 2019
With its museums and art galleries and great food, Tehran is a thriving city that shouldn't be missed. Below are the 5 things that you need to know before traveling to Tehran.
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