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Sanandaj is the capital of Kurdistan Province, located in the west of Iran and at the heart of Zagros Mountain Range. This city’s population is about 415000 and most of its locals are followers of the Sunni Islam. Sanandaj is a wonderful place to learn about Kurdish culture and history in Iran, as this city is home to the biggest Kurdish population in the country where men still wear Kurdish outfit.

History of Sanandaj

The city was originally called Seneh and later it was changed to Sanandaj. The antiquity of the region dates back to thousands years ago, but most probably the current city of Sanandaj was constructed in the 17th century during Safavid Period.

Sanandaj Climate

Being located at an elevation of 1520 meters above the sea level and at the foot of Mount Abidar, Sanandaj has a humid continental climate.

The average temperature in spring is about 15 ° C to 17° C, while in summer it reaches 27°C to 29° C. During fall the temperature in Sanandaj is 10°C to 12°C and in winter, when everywhere is covered in snow, it is 1°C to -1°c.

What to see in Sanandaj?

Asef Mansion

Asef mansion is an eye-catching historical mansion dating back to the 17th century and the Safavid Period. Today, this construction is used as the Museum of Kurdish Culture.
Jame Mosque of Sanandaj

Being constructed in the 19th century during the Qajar Period, Jame Mosque of Sanandaj is a must see in the city. This mosque which is a two minaret mosque with a lovely courtyard is ornamented with dazzling tile work.

Lotfolla Sheikh- al - Islam Mansion

Dating back to Qajar Dynasty, Lotfolla Sheik – al – Islam Mansion was the residence of the main judge of Sanandaj. This well-renovated mansion which houses the regional museum is known for having very magnificent pottery works, metal works and specially its stained glass windows that are made with 42000 pieces of colorful glass.

Uraman Takht

Uraman Takht is one of the most amazing Iranian villages with breathtaking natural landscape, unique stepped architecture style, astonishing costumes like Pir Shalyar, local music and rich culture. The best time for visiting Uraman Takht Village is during spring.

Palangan village

Palangan is another outstanding village in this with stepped architecture, which is located at the two sides of a gorge, and is a great place to meet the hospitable Kurd locals, enjoy clean weather and have healthy food.

Zarivar lake  

Also known az Zrebar Lake or Zarewar Lake, Zarivar Lake is the biggest freshwater lake in Iran with a mind blowing nature. This area is a great place for different nature base activities, including biking, trekking, skiing, boat riding, etc.

What to buy in Sanandaj?

Senneh Carpet and Kilim

The Carpets and Kilims of Sannadaj and the Kurdish area of western Iran are known as Senneh and they are prized for their delicate pattern and coloring.

Wood crafts

Sanandaj is famous for making woodcrafts such as high quality backgammon and chessboards and most importantly wooden music instruments like Tanbour, Tar etc.

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