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4 magnificent deserts to visit around Isfahan

4 magnificent deserts to visit around Isfahan

Besides its wonderful historical and cultural attractions like the Naqshe jahan Square or the mosques, Isfahan is located near some of the most beautiful deserts of Iran, which are a part of the vast Central Desert, like Maranjab Desert, Mesr Desert, Khur Biabanak Desert, and Varzaneh Desert.

February 2, 2020

With its diverse climate and geography, the four season country of Iran offers scenic natural landscapes including the lush forests in the north of Iran, the over 5000 meter high Damavand Peak, charming beaches in the south and amazing deserts in the center and east of Iran. Iran is home to two major deserts Dasht-e Kavir (the Central Desert) and Dasht-e Lut (the Lut Desert) and cities and villages that are located at the edge of these two deserts like, Kharanagh, Yazd, Kerman, and Isfahan. Since Iran desert tours are getting popular among nature lovers, many of them are prefering to spend some time to visit this astonishing face of nature beside the ancient and cultural attractions of Iran. Being located at the center of Iran, Isfahan Province is home to vast deserts of Iran’s central desert with mind-blowing landscapes, therefore this area is a hub for desert tours and desert adventures in Iran. Below are four deserts around Isfahan that are truly worth a visit:

1-  Maranjab Desert:

Located at 60 kilometers in the north of Aran va Bigol town in Isfahan province, Maranjab Desert is where you can explore the Silk Road the way travelers who made journeys did around 5-6 centuries ago. Other than dunes and a starry sky at night, this mysterious desert has more wonderful attractions like the “Wandering Island”, which is a hill that seems to float beautifully in result of mirage and optical illusion and the Safavid Maranjab Caravanserai constructed during the kingdom of Shah Abbas.


two travelers taking photos in Maranjab Desert

Maranjab Desert - Iran

Safavid Caravanserai in Maranjab Desert

Maranjab Desert - Iran

2-  Mesr Desert:

Mesr Desert is located 45 kilometers from Jandagh Village, which has only 120 residents still living at the heart of the desert. In the Persian language, Egypt is called “Mesr” and this place is called Mesr in memory of a man named Yousef who dug a water well to provide water for the residents many years ago. The golden dunes that invite you to walk on them and touch the soft sand barefoot, the vivid and spacious night sky with such shiny stars that seem to be palpable, clean and fresh air, and hospitable residents who host you at desert ecolodges are the reasons why Mesr Desert is one of the most amazing and popular deserts in central Iran.


A traveler exploring Mesr Desert. Iran

Mesr Desert -Iran

travelers trekking in Mesr Desert. Iran

Mesr Desert -Iran

3-  Khur o Biabanak Desert

Khur o Biabanak County (Khoor o Biabanak) is located in the east of Isfahan Province and the dip water wells have provided enough water to grow palm trees in the area. With numerous villages and oases around Khur Desert and the unique architecture of the houses in the desert, Khur desert has a lot to offer. The historical Bayazeh Castle, Narin Castle and the Jame Mosque of Jandagh are some of the architectural attractions that will leave every visitor speechless, and camelback riding, safari on the high dunes, and motorbike riding which feels like riding a roller-coaster are exciting activities you can enjoy in the vast Khur Desert. Khur o Biabanak Slat Lake is another attraction in this area which creates a surreal atmosphere and is a must see.


Narin Castle in Khoor Desert. Iran

Khur o Biabanak Desert - Iran

Reflection in Khoor o Biabanak Desert Salt Lake. Iran

Khur o Biabanak Desert - Iran

4-  Varzaneh Desert

By only 100 kilometers driving from the city of Isfahan, you’ll reach Varzaneh Desert, where you can enjoy an awesome desert adventure. This desert has such high sand dunes that can’t find in every desert. As a result of being located near the Gavkhuni Wetland, Varzaneh Desert has a varied vegetation. The awesome attraction in Varzaneh Desert is its salt lake which changes into an infinite white salt plain when it is dry. This beautiful land is a wonderful place for a long walk and freeing mind.


people climbing up sand dunes in Varzaneh Desert. Iran

Varzaneh Desert - Iran

white salt plain in Varzaneh Desert. Iran

Varzaneh Desert - Iran

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Where to stay?

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