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All you need to know about the magnificent Mesr Desert of Iran

All you need to know about the magnificent Mesr Desert of Iran

Located in Khur o Biabanak region of Isfahan Province, the magnificent Mesr Desert is one of the most amazing deserts of Iran that attracts many travelers from all round the world because of its scenic sand dunes, and its wonderful night sky.

August 22, 2022

Mesr Desert is one of the most picturesque deserts of Iran located 420 kilometers away from the city of Isfahan, and 55 kilometers away from the Khur region, and of the most popular desert destinations among travelers and desert lovers. This amazing desert is surrounded by mountains from the west, southwest, and southeast which are parts of the Central Mountain Range of Iran. If you are going to visit the Mesr Desert from Tehran, it would be a 9-10 hour trip (642 kilometers)

About 100 years ago, a man named Yousef (Josef) lived in this desert with his family. He was busy with animal husbandry and he dug a very deep water well to provide water for the people of his village and for their herd. The locals of this village called the village Chah Dera (meaning: The Deep Well), but after a while, Yousef suggested that because of the connection between his name with Josef the Prophet and the story of the well, they call their village Mesr (meaning Egypt in Persian). This village is known for its cozy and small houses with mud walls and domed ceilings, and its hospitable busy with animal husbandry and also hosting travelers at their village houses and eco-lodges in recent years.



Sand dunes in Mesr Desert - Iran

Mesr Desert - Iran

Things to do in Mesr Desert

Visiting the magnificent Mesr Desert is a wonderful experience in Iran per se, however, there are different activities that you can enjoy while you are here:



As a result of low humidity and lack of light pollution, the Mesr Desert is a perfect place for stargazing and astrology, especially during the nights when the moon rises very late at night. Apart from stargazing and enjoying the million-star night sky, the view of the sky during sunlight and sunset is also a memorable experience in the Mesr Desert.



If you are a fan of thrilling and fun experiences, then you can enjoy exciting motorbiking on the high dunes of the vast Mesr Desert. There are four-wheel and two-wheel motorbikes that you can rent and venture through the desert. For going through the desert you need to be accompanied by a local guide who knows the desert routes or you should have the exact GPS route in order not to get lost in the desert.



Safari is one of the most exciting activities in every desert of Iran, and the Mesr Desert is not an exception. Here you can get a safari tour and go through the heart of the desert which normal sedan cars can’t reach.



Safari cars in Mesr Desert - Iran

Safari in Mesr Desert - Iran


Sandboarding is another thrilling activity that you can enjoy in the Mesr Desert. You can rent a board and enjoy boarding on the powdery sand of Mesr Desert dunes.


Iran Deserts are the Heavens of Photographers

Deserts of Iran - Heavens of Photographers

If you are a fan of relaxing activities like photography, don’t forget to bring your camera to capture perfect desert photographs in the Mesr Desert, especially during the sunlight and sunset.



Photography at Mesr Desert - Iran

Photography at Mesr Desert - Iran

Visiting Bayazeh Village

The historical Bayazeh Village is located near the Mesr Desert and is characterized by its historical buildings and vast palm tree gardens. It is believed that this village dates back to 1000 years ago and has monuments from the Sassanid era. Walking through the historical buildings of Bayazeh Village and its ever-green palm tree gardens feels like traveling back in time.


Visiting the salt lakes

The Khur Salt Lake is the largest seasonal salt lake in Iran that is 2000 kilometers wide and is the most important potash mine and resource of the country. This surreally beautiful salt lake is a vast white salt plain covered with pentagon-shaped salt sediment created as a result of water vaporization and the difference between day and light temperature. The Selkonun Salt Lake of the Mesr Desert is another salt plain in this area, located on the northeast of this desert. This desert was created by a flood more than forty years ago.


deserts of Iran are the heavens of photographers and Adventurers

Deserts of Iran 

Best time of year for visiting the Mesr Desert

Located in the heart of the Central Desert of Iran, the Mesr Desert has warm and dry weather with a very low amount of annual rain. Therefore, it has a very hot climate and straight sunlight from mid-June to late September, and because of its low humidity, it has very cold weather during winter. The best time of year for visiting the Mesr Desert is from October to late November and then from March to May, which are considered desert tour peak seasons in Iran. However, the scenic landscape of the Mesr Desert and its mysterious atmosphere are so attractive that many travelers visit this place and other deserts of Iran all around the year, in spite of hot weather and cold weather.


 Where to stay in Mesr Desert

Many of travelers that visit the Mesr Desert prefer to enjoy at least one night of camping in the desert, and if you are a fan of camping you need to bring all required camping tools and consider all safety tips for camping in the Desert. If you are not interested in camping and sleeping in tents, there are a lot of options for accommodations in Mesr Desert. There are many village houses in this village where you can stay and enjoy communication with local families that host travelers in their hostels and ecolodges and there is also a good hotel named Bali Hotel in Khur Town.

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